I’m Hiring a Video Editor

I’m looking to hire a video editor to help me create weekly YouTube videos and courses pertaining to medicine, productivity, cars, and a few other things.

The right candidate with excellent work ethic, communication skills, attention to detail, and integrity may move into a position with additional responsibilities.

Organization and meticulousness is central to my work philosophy, and an ideal candidate would share similar priorities.



  • Detail-oriented, clear communicator, able to follow instructions
  • Reliable & integrous. Say what you’ll do and do what you say
  • Resourceful, organized, and proactive. As you face challenges, you should be able to think independently and come up with appropriate solutions
  • Familiar with Final Cut Pro X (Motion is a bonus)
  • Fast computer (able to edit 4K footage)
  • Familiar with color grading
  • Fast internet (to download and upload files)
  • Experience with Photoshop or Illustrator (to make thumbnails) is a bonus, although not required



There is no deadline, but I will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

If you think you’re a great fit for this position, fill out the form below! Or, if you know someone who would be a great fit, feel free to send them this page. On mobile? Apply here.